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Online & Paperless DOT Physical Exam Software

Still using paper DOT forms or antiquated software for DOT Physicals? Manually uploading every DOT Physical result to the NRCME? Losing revenue by not tracking and calling back drivers for renewals? Try MedFiller for free for processing and electronically submitting DOT medical exam results to the DOT.

MedFiller offers end-to-end paperless processing of DOT medical exams. From patients filling out their portion of the medical exam on their phone to the actual exam being conducted and then the results being automatically uploaded to the FMCSA/NRCME. The process is seamless for drivers, front-desk staff, and DOT-certified examiners. MedFiller even integrates with popular EMRs and appointment booking systems. Watch our demo videos to examine how MedFiller automates DOT exams, or start your free trial today!

Save Time

Automatic submission + certificate creation eliminates the need to manually handle physical exam results, saving significant time for medical examiners and administrative staff. 

Easier & Faster Physicals

Harness the power of AI to reduce risk of human errors and deviations from DOT standards. Pass/Fail checklists and on-screen DOT published guidelines to help with complex cases.

Total Case Management

Pull up past DOT physical exams for patients, giving a historical case overview. Keep track of upcoming renewals for increased revenue through return bookings. 

MedFiller DOT Demo Video

Features for DOT Examiners

  • Instant electronic submission of exam results to the FMCSA/NRCME. No need to log in to the DOT and submit the results
  • Patients automatically emailed a copy of the results and certificate. No more printing/folding of certificates or “DOT medical cards.”
  • Pass/Fail Warnings to help catch deviations from DOT medical standards
  • Form processing guidance and help for case-specific medical concerns. Direct links to DOT guiding documents for easier decision-making during complex cases
  • Integrate your own notes and checklists (“cheat sheets”) for training new staff members. No more switching tabs and googling for procedures.

Features for Clinic Operators

  • Keep track of upcoming renewals. MedFiller reminds you of patients with expiring certificates so that you can schedule them for renewal. Your patients always remain your patients.
  • Better record keeping. Take control of the paper flying around the clinic and never forget to scan medical forms into your EMR. MedFiller integrates with booking systems and EMRs to save you time and money.
  • Employer and Third Party Portal: MedFiller is a full-featured occupational medicine system that can capture HIPAA releases/waivers to report and send results to employers. If you perform DOT exams for employers, your clients have access to the MedFiller employer portal, where they can authorize new exams/pre-employment physicals and download documents. MedFiller also provides detailed end-of-period reporting to help manage your receivables. With support for capturing HIPAA releases/waivers, MedFiller can automatically relay the result of exams to employers via fax or email while keeping you compliant.
Online DOT Medical Exam (PDF) Processing System

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Features for Patients

  • Well-organized and detailed instructions via email (do’s and don’ts before the exam) and tips to make the process/form filling easier
  • Cut and fold “DOT cards” with the clinic logo and renewal reminders
  • Ability to fill out patient portion and history and upload supporting documentation (prescriptions/waivers) ahead of appointment. Less waiting at the clinic
  • Results relayed to the employer without delay

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