Medfiller - The easy way to fill out medical PDFS.

Occupational Health Solutions for Third Party Administrators and Applicant Tracking Systems

MedFiller offers its platform and APIs for third-party administrators (TPAs), placement agencies, and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to eliminate the hassle of dealing with occupational health information and physical exam results.

MedFiller goes beyond “standardized physical exams” and allows TPAs, Application Tracking Systems, and large employers to bring their custom-designed medical exam paperwork onto our platform. This means client and job-specific health history questions, requirements, error/warning conditions, as well as the form design and layout itself (exactly as specified by the legal/HR team) get processed at a MedFiller-enabled clinic, and the resulting documents and information electronically reach your system without any hiccups in between!

Your Medical Forms for Your Own Clients

MedFiller does come with a “standard” set of forms such as DOT, various QR-coded pre-employment physicals, OSHA forms, and everything in between. But as comprehensive as these physical exams and the associated paperwork may be, employers often need highly specific and tailored medical screenings for different workforce members. Paper today is not an option, and MedFiller provides the flexibility that the clinics, employers, and administrators/third parties need to automate these individualized medical exams.

From the clinic’s perspective, MedFiller is not an antiquated and clunky PDF-filling tool for these custom forms. It relies on modern, interactive, lag-free Web 3.0 technologies to build user-friendly interfaces for forms. We have created a brief video explaining MedFiller’s form processing features, allowing you to process your organization/client-specific forms. Rest assured that the entire motivation behind MedFiller is that of an exceptional and modern user experience on the patient and provider side!


APIs Ready for Collaboration

MedFiller is built around flexibility and modern scalable methods of building out customizations. While many in our industry fear integration and collaboration, we encourage you to start a conversation with our technical team (schedule a technical demo) about what MedFiller can do for you, your platform, or your organization. If your organization handles a large number of occupational health-related paperwork and requires a more modern, affordable, and customizable solution for occupational health, look no further than MedFiller!