Medfiller - The easy way to fill out medical PDFS.

The Ultimate Occupational Medicine Paperwork Solution

MedFiller is a single-form creation and validation solution for ALL patient paperwork, including intake, DOT, Immigration, employment-related forms/physicals, state/local, and even employer-specific paperwork (invoices, case conclusion letters/results). 

Your Own Custom Forms for your own Clients

MedFiller comes with a “standard” set of forms, such as QR-coded pre-employment physicals, various test results, and OSHA questionnaires, etc., that can accommodate various medical practices. However, the MedFiller team can also port in your own forms (logos, fields, and everything else) and create patient-provider-oriented workflows around them. You read that right: MedFiller can import any form you currently use and allow case management functionality around those forms.

Most importantly, MedFiller is not an antiquated and clunky PDF-filling tool for these custom forms. It relies on modern, interactive, lag-free Web 3.0 technologies to build user-friendly interfaces for forms. We have created a brief video explaining MedFiller’s form processing features, allowing you to process your organization/client-specific forms. Rest assured that the entire motivation behind MedFiller is that of an exceptional and modern user experience on the patient and provider side!

Online Patient Portion For All Forms

Patients complete their portion of the form online on our website and upload any supporting documents. This can happen well before their appointment so that you can review the submitted details and follow up with the patient about additional documents and procedures that may be required. During an office visit, walk-in patients can also access the same functionality on their own phones or tablets. Our step-by-step online intake system guides the patient through their portion of the form, and the paperwork is fully validated (ready to go) when you review it. 

Rapid Data Entry

Whether you choose to review the form before the appointment date or fill in the last-minute details (vitals, etc.) during the appointment, you can rest assured that MedFiller will be keeping an eye on you and ensuring you do not waste your time repeating and filling the same information over and over again that you do for every patient. Finally, when you are done, you can print, sign, and seal the form, and the system will also forward a copy to your EMR, medical assistant, and/or patient’s employer.

Management and Electronic Submission

MedFiller offers HIPAA-compliant storage for all your medical forms. It preserves the final PDF document so that you can refer back to the version of the form that was printed. MedFiller will generate “ready to submit” forms if you choose to capture signatures electronically. Forms that require hand-drawn (wet-ink) signatures can be scanned back into the MedFiller system so you have a signed copy of *exactly* what was mailed to the appropriate employer/government authority.

Where necessary and available (such as DOT physicals), MedFiller can submit the results of the tests electronically and generate a provisional certificate of physical fitness and competency.