Medfiller - The easy way to fill out medical PDFS.

Custom PDF Forms and Integrations for EMRs

While there are many generic PDF and form-filling solutions, none address the basic needs of a patient-clinic interaction along with the manageability concerns of a large library of evolving forms. Even for the simplest of use cases, such as patient consent forms, most generic form processing solutions lack  HL7/FHIR connectors for delivering consent forms to EMRs

MedFiller is the only patient paperwork solution offering total PDF-level form customization and flexible HL7/FHIR connectors and APIs for EMR systems. 

One of the most widely used features of MedFiller is that of conducting physical exams (including first & third-party result reporting like DOT exam results) and then exporting the results (PDF) into clinical EMR systems. The integration makes MedFiller an invaluable tool for clinics that depend on their dedicated EMR system for day-to-day operations. 

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Key Benefits of Using MedFiller Integrations for Your EMR

Let us Deal with PDFs

Stop trying to fight with PDF forms and let MedFiller deal with form and form specific knowledge, compliance issues, layout, design, changes and updates while your EMR deals with patient charts. 

Focus on serving your clients instead of constantly updating a library of PDFs with hundreds of field level interactions and error checking constraints.

Flexible Workflow Options

MedFiller provides workflow options for seamless handoff or white labeling. From simple “patient-only” consent forms to more complex patient and provider forms such as DOT, Immigration, and complex pre-employment physicals, MedFiller does it all.

Harness our library of case-specific templates and get the final completed PDFs to attach to the patient chart!

Modern APIs

In addition to HL7/FHIR connectors, MedFiller supports modern RESTful APIs and Web Hooks for client account-specific communications.

MedFiller supports programmatically initiating patient workflows, monitoring individual forms’ status, and retrieving or returning finalized documents to your EMR system.


Technical Talk

Inbound Scheduling Messages

MedFiller can receive SIU12 (new appointment notification) messages through multiple channels (sFTP or direct) from your EMR to start a single form or a whole case.

Patients are emailed instructions to complete their forms when they book their appointment!

Open Integrations

Finalized PDF forms can be uploaded to a vendor or platform of your choice, including Google Drive, Microsoft  One Drive, and your own sFTP server.


No vendor lock-in, and you keep your own files forever!


Outbound PDF Files to Your EMR

MedFiller can relay MDM-T02 messages containing all PDF files to patient charts EMRs. 


That way, MedFiller remains a transparent tool for your team to utilize only when needed