Medfiller - The easy way to fill out medical PDFS.

EMR Support and Integrations

We understand that you may actually love your EMR or be in a love-hate relationship with it. In both cases, we can work with your EMR to improve things.

EMR Scheduling 

MedFiller can work with your EMR’s booking and scheduling system to ensure patients are sent forms and instructions the moment they book a specific appointment. No more manual initiating of first steps.

Outbound PDF Files to Your EMR

Once a MedFiller form or case is finalized, MedFiller can upload all files to your patient charts. You can even move from your EMR to a MedFiller form with a single click.

Open Integrations

Finalized PDF forms can even be uploaded to a vendor or platform, including Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and your FTP server. No vendor lock-in, and you keep your files forever!


EMR Integration at No Additional Cost

Our promise: We will provide EMR connectivity to your EMR at zero cost.  

Even if we have to build one specifically for your system, the only caveat is that your EMR must have an open developer platform for integrations. Some EMRs are extremely protective of their eco-system and can charge YOU (an existing paying client) an arm and a leg for additional integration services. Some insist that you use their own clunky occupational health modules. While MedFiller drop-in connectivity modules are available for most modern EMRs, we cannot guarantee that your current EMR vendor will be as open to connectivity and open-health data initiatives.